Have I forgotten what day it is? Yes!

It’s a good thing I am not married to my blorg*, because if I were, I would’ve potentially been in heaps of trouble today. I would have forgotten to nuzzle my blorg’s neck upon arriving home from a tough day in my accounting cubicle at Catatonia & Lutz and presenting it with something made of wool and cooper, as would befit our seventh anniversary! I would’ve been comically smashed in the head by, alternately, an enormous rolling pin and a cast iron skillet, both wielded by my roller-headed, tattered-robed, frying-pan-handed blorg-wife!
It’s a good thing I have a very good friend in my long-time reader and friend, Elena from Madrid, who, just this afternoon, reminded me of this important occasion, just as she did last year. So, a big, multi-colored gracias to Elena for saving me from a gigantic lump on my head (like this!) from the beating I would have endured.
To celebrate, I invite you to creep yourself out a little with this charmer from the window display at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue:

Unintentionally Creepy from tofuju on Vimeo.
Happy nightmares!
* Yes, that’s my superfuntime version of “blog”, given that I really don’t like that term, which you would know if you have been reading over the past seven years. Yes, seven years. Go back to the start of this post, post-asterisk, because that’s what this is all about!