Saks A Hit

For those of you whose staycations are dictating that you cannot come to New York City this holiday season, or for those of you who live here but will not have an opportunity to stroll to Saks to check out the window display, I present the following:

Saks A Hit from tofuju on Vimeo.
I am fortunate enough to not only live in Manhattan but to be able to walk up or down Fifth Avenue whenever I like, so I was able to experience this firsthand and firsteye just moments before I saw the camels featured in my “Hump Day!” video a couple of days ago. I did not have gloves, so I froze my hands off for the duration of this artistic video. Fortunately, my hands regenerate like a starfish, so I am typing this right now with newly sprouted digits. Now, there’s a holiday gift to beat the band!
If you venture off of this page (the internet will not stab you in the neck if you do, and neither will I, despite what you may think) (I do not like knives) and go to the actual Vimeo website (click on something above and you’ll be sure to be transported!) (spiritually!), you will find several other videos of these windows as well, where I linger on them a bit longer so you can pretend you are rooted on Fifth Avenue, ogling.
Here are some still shots, just in case moving pictures make you queasy:

sakswindow1.jpg sakswindow2.jpg sakswindow3.jpg
sakswindow4.jpg sakswindow5.jpg sakswindow6.jpg
Clicking on these will yield large images, so you can read what is on the plaques.
Ordinarily I would resize images so you could carry them in your fancy pill box,
but I thought the plaques were IMPORTANT enough to be seen.

Because I do not have easy access to glitter, Elmer’s Glue-All, and pine cones and thus cannot handcraft a gift for you that you can display with pride inside your trash compactor, please accept these images as my gift to you.
Happy Holidays!