Thank “God” all the humans survived after the plane dove into the frigid Hudson River this afternoon. I’m sure those people will celebrate, claiming their lives are changed from the experience. Blah blee bloo, the usual stuff about how life’s too short and little things don’t matter and they’re happy just to be alive and zzzzzzz.
But what of the birds? What of the geese with whom the plane collided?
“There were no fatalities.”
Try telling that to the geese who lived. Who’s interviewing the geese who may have survived or the geese back home?
I’m so sorry, feathered friends!

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  1. Congratulations, Jodi!
    (Can it really have been THAT long since our first encounter in FAF? It’s almost scary!)
    Abundant wishes for much more are aimed at you from way over here.

  2. Please forgive my tardiness in wishing you a happy seventh anniversary! (See? I was good and didn’t call it a “blogiversary” because I know how you hate that word or anything similar and I love and respect you enough to say anniversary.)

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