Holiday Weekend Trifecta

If we thought that having Inauguration Day right after MLK Day was something special, we’re really going to lose our shit (technical term) this weekend, what with the rapidfire succession of not two but three special days in a row: Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day.
So on the 13th we’re unlucky, on the 14th we hope to get lucky, and on Presidents’ Day we buy a mattress on sale to replace the one that, if we succeeded on the 14th, we will have worn out.
Here’s to hoping your own trifecta is, respectively, safe, sexy, and supportive.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Trifecta

  1. I once sat on a jury for a mob trial in Philly for 4 months. Oh, how I wish I knew about blogs then. It was pre-9/11, so nobody on the Internet really cared what anyone else was thinking. Still, it was 2001, and I think Blogger and TypePad were both in existence. Alas, I missed my only opportunity for web immortality. I did make it on the evening news at the end, saying “No comment” to a news reporter as I rushed out of the Holiday Inn parking lot in Downtown Philly.
    All in all, It sucked pretty hard, and I don’t recommend it. In fact, if they ask you if you ever watched “The Sopranos”, tell them “Only to get ideas.”

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