The Cat’s Meow

Hey, I may not have much to say to you these days (and yes, please feel free to take it personally), but that doesn’t mean Shana, my feline fatale, doesn’t. Which means she does.
She would appreciate your visit.

0 thoughts on “The Cat’s Meow

  1. When I appear on Jodiverse, making my grand entrance into the blogosphere, I know I’ve arrived. Perez Hilton wanted the story but I said no, no… go exclusive with the Jodiverse. I’m just glad that this was my magnificent debut and not a mugshot of me channeling Nick Nolte.

  2. I was out celebrating *my birthday* in a restaurant run by an Amish family so alas, there was no television. However, I am always seeking the opportunity to view any and all displays of ridiculousness, so please ask Michael if he plans on posting a video of his WOF antics!

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