Snappy Easter!

I wiped away a tear this morning when my friend Mark sent me this photo. Believe it or not, it was not because the bunnies are clearly in worse shape than Diva Da’ Bunny ever was after my fox-like attack on her head but because that post inspired him to take it. And here I was feeling something akin to a delightful blend of shame, embarrassment, and hunger at not having updated in almost three weeks. This is the kind of give-and-take scenario that warms my heart and makes me feel at one with my fellow man. If I can inspire just one person …
I realize I have been a bit remiss in updating here. You see, I haven’t left the house after mauling my chocolate bunny (yes, I do realize that could be code for something even more delicious, but I assure you it’s not), out of fear of being attacked by all bunnies, chocolate and otherwise, in a display of solidarity and fierce retribution. Thus, I have nothing worthwhile to contribute, since my homebound activities have included nothing more than watching “The Facts of Life” DVDs, eating stale Triscuits, and step aerobics.
But like this Jesus fellow who’s the center of today’s brouhaha, today marks the day of my resurrection. Stay tuned. I promise my next offering will have nothing to do with either bunnies or chocolate.
(Yes, I realize I completely ignored Passover. Shhh.)

How very fitting that Mark is responsible, in part, for this book!