I am always amazed at the state of absolute oblivion that so many people live in, especially those in a city not only as heavily populated as this but as fascinating and full of opportunities to be at least marginally awake and aware of the surroundings. Just this morning, on my way to the bus after the daily gym thrills, I saw a particularly fine specimen of imbecility, who may as well have had a thought bubble with “Duh” dangling over his head, walk right into an old blind guy with a rolling cane going in the opposite direction. I wanted the blind guy to say, “What the fuck! Are you blind?”

3 thoughts on “Blind-sighted

  1. We had an extremely unlucky Friday the 13th in Philadelphia with the 6th police officer being killed in the line of duty in two years. He was 25 years old.
    So everybody out there, enjoy wearing out those mattresses for as long as you can!

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