Tomcat Jones!

I am a busy person, it’s true, but that is no excuse for having abandoned this site the way I have. Lots of people are far busier than I am, such as Mr. New York Times, but you don’t see them slacking off and licking big swirly lollipops while zipping up and down Broadway on a Hello Kitty scooter while wearing a 1920s bathing suit, do you? No. You don’t. Notwithstanding the atrophied condition of Mr. NYT’s legs due to a sedentary lifestyle that has him nearly shackled to a rolltop desk ’round the clock, which would render his legs unfit for public display, he just wouldn’t neglect his duties as the eyes and ears of a population that depends on him.
I can’t say so much for myself.
Yesterday evening, I was at a shindig at the Astoria palace of one of my best friends, a “blogger” himself until he took leave of his blog (and his senses, LOLOLOLzzz!). Somehow the subject of his erstwhile blog came up, and he said, of me and mine, “She doesn’t have a blog anymore” or “She doesn’t blog anymore.” I was so distraught that the level of neglect had reached such an unspeakably hideous state that I didn’t even think to throw up at the ugly word “blog” itself. However, I did suffer a troublesome curious pang in my spleen that almost manifested itself into spasms that I could not disguise as a newfangled dance move. Alas, the only way to ensure that I’m not reacquainted with that sensation is, indeed, to get back in the swing.
Consider me swung, swingers.
In the meantime, I present this charming little video made by me, my friend Allison, and one of her cats, Piglet. As noted in the description, “Allison works the puppet-cat as I provide vocal hilarity. Piglet wishes death on both of us.” Note that this was entirely unplanned and thus unrehearsed. Enjoy!

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  1. I can’t decide whether this is purrfectly adorable or whether you are pawing your way to becoming a crazy cat lady. Knowing you (which I don’t!), I bet it’s some fabulous combination of the two.
    Oh yeah. Also: Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Hahaha.

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