Snow Yay

Hey, guess what! The meteorologists and weather people and the cashier at Duane Reade and the hag next to me on the bus and the customer service rep at Time Warner and the cab driver and the tourists and the three dogs I met on the street the other day were RIGHT. It was going to snow. And indeed it did! Here’s a li’l look-see:

This is a rare, exclusive glimpse into my lair. Or, more accurately, the patio portion of my lair. Although I know that a much more interesting photograph would be one of Riverside Park, which I can get to in less than a minute, where no doubt revelers of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and species are romping and making snow angels, I have opted for the more insular and considerably more comfortable activity of remaining firmly indoors with my hair a mess from having been out in the snow last night. So. Anyway. Shown is part of my patio, which is accessed through my kitchen, featuring the round table and four chairs that, in warmer months, have been known to be used for dining al fresco (if not with Al Franken and/or Roker) and reading and getting a whole mess of indirect sunlight to create a fetching partial tan.
You will note, if you have an imagination, that the pile on the table looks like a cake. I am amusing myself mightily by telling Shana, my cat, that it is a snow-angel food cake.
You’re welcome.