With what shall I bore you?

Perhaps the “stats” of my running? (Today, 2.45 miles in 20 minutes)
The number of dogs I smooshed today? (Alas, only one, Fred, a black German Shepherd I have known for several years)
The number of people whose names I learned as a result of smooshing dogs? (Proudly, one, Kay, whose name I learned many times before but promptly forgot)
How many times the words “Diet Coke” ran through my mind tonight as I contemplated running out for some even though it would mean putting on shoes and perhaps brushing my hair and, oh yes, not wearing flannel pajamas in public? (412, give or take 36)
How many cups of Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters I ate out of a bowl like a cat? (9,000)
When I should go to sleep? (Now. It is precisely midnight.)

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