Is this thing on?

Yes, I’m here, I haven’t gone to the great beyond or been kidnapped like Erica Kane or run away to the hills of wherever the hell there are hills to live “off the grid”. I’m here, still in glorious Manhattan, still doing my thing, still wanting to wring people’s necks for a variety of infractions, but with very little time to do so. But I’m here, and I would like to resume “blogging”, but I keep on putting it off like the laundry or cleaning out my closets or getting rid of old MTA receipts from my wallet, all of which are vying for my attention as well …
I rarely if ever go out to lunch anymore, so I don’t have photos of my food with which to delight you on a regular basis. I do still smoosh dogs, but I keep forgetting to get their photos. The gym still exists and with it all the hideous transgressions of both etiquette and attire.
I’ll see what I can do. And then … do it.

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