The kick in the pants I needed

This morning, a Sunday, I woke up at my “school day” hour, which is way too early o’clock, and checked my email on my iPad, almost like a reflex. A lone email, like a sole sourball in a cut-glass, greeted me. The message was far from sour but just as sweet. It was this:

I suppose a lot of us stopped reading blogs somewhere along the line. I came to check yours today and saw that it had not been updated in three months. I just want to say that back in the age of the blog yours was one of the very best, so thanks for everything from all of us nameless readers out here. Jodi, you made us smile and you did a great job! Best wishes in whatever you are doing now, even if you aren’t doing anything at all. You touched a lot of people.

It is no secret that I haven’t “blogged” with any regularity for several years. I could blame the fact that a long-term relationship ended, then I moved into my own apartment and had to (and still have to) work my ass to the bone (um … ewww?) to afford to live here, and then I was in another relationship and that tanked, and then I floundered and dated and found someone else and then that went belly up, but really the fault lies within me, not the situations, and it’s time that I took the bullshit by the horns and just started writing here again. I’ve missed it.
Although I do dig Facebook, and the interactions I have there, and the friendships I’ve made and the people I’ve met and all that other trite claptrap, it’s not the same as having my own space to write what I want without fearing that Facebook is somehow spying on all of us.
So, to the man who wrote me the note above (yes, I have his name, but I didn’t want to use it out of respect for his privacy), thank you. Thank you for the kick in the pants. It’s just what I needed, to paraphrase the song.
His note wasn’t the first of its kind that I’ve received, but it will be the last. To semi-sorta steal the name of a TV show that used to annoy the pants off of me, “Welcome back, blogger.”

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