FACT: Every time someone instantly says, like a reflex, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” at the mere mention of “Dirty Dancing”, Jerry Orbach’s ghost suffers a Mob-style punch to the gut. Please, for the love of this marvelously talented man, let it go. Let it go.

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  1. I think you’re running faster than I do at the moment, actually. What’s your secret? The Diet Coke? The Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters? The smooshing?

  2. As I sit quietly on this uneventful day, reflecting upon the fact that the Earth has traveled a fraction more than 4/5 of the way around the sun (and what a ride it has been), I think of all the prancing that has occurred this 2010th year since whatever it is that caused us to start counting years again 2010 years ago. I wish I could tell you more about it. Perhaps tomorrow.

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