I am not a big fan of making plans, because often on the day they’re to occur, I’m not in the mood to follow through. So oh, how I love when the other person cancels/postpones when I had been considering doing the same. This allows me to be graciously saint-like in my acceptance of that person’s apologies and to respond with all the calm patience and benevolence of a wimple-adorned, crepe-sole-shoed nun enjoying a cup of Lipton’s tea and a modest sandwich as she peers down at the church newsletter through reading glasses worn on a chain around her neck.

0 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I am thrilled and tickled that you are back up. (…..should NOT mention I didn’t know it was down, right? Right. Don’t mention that.)
    I never imagined you as a cap wearer, much less a doffer. You must be VERY pleased!
    You know what word I just realized I am sick of? “Kudos”

  2. Hello! I remember your name from a long time ago, but refresh my memory, please, as to who you are!
    This blog/site/whatever wasn’t down for long, maybe a few days, but there were problems in the photo galleries that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t visit those pages. My boyfriend took care of all of it.
    I rarely, if ever, wear anything on my head. A top hat, yes, and an astronaut helmet, yes, but rarely a cap. But “doff my astronaut helmet” just doesn’t sound right!
    “Kudos” has always irked me …

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