OKCupidiocy, No. 1

Lately on OKCupid I’ve been seeing, at the end of people’s profiles, a cut-and-pasted disclaimer admonishing the media not to use any part of the profile for advertising or other purposes, warning that doing so will violate whateverwhateverwhatever. Oh, fellas, do you really think the media is interested in your poorly written claptrap that’s about as compelling as a stray strand of dental floss stuck to someone’s shoe? No doubt you’re barely winning the attention of the half-baked honeys on the site, let alone that of national media. Don’t worry. The “selfies” of you in the gym bathroom are safe.

0 thoughts on “OKCupidiocy, No. 1

  1. I don’t know this Kane woman. Is she as pretty as I am? No matter if she is. I am quite certain she lacks my flawless charm and unspeakable sophistication. We are all seeing what we can do every time we do, and I strongly suspect that little more can or should be asked of us. So a heartfelt kudos to you. Carry on. Make it work.

  2. I’m in relatively rural Alaska now. You’d be appalled by the gym I go to. A…ppalled. The dogs are all pit bulls, huskies, or akitas, better to scare the bears away, and therefore not very smooshable. I wouldn’t recommend it for your jewel-encrusted, gold-plated champagne bucket list, is what I am saying. Then again, you’ll probably kick a slow-walking fat tourist as you die, and not any kind of bucket.

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