Trevor’s life fits into the pocket of a giant at the top of a beanstalk that he only recently decided to climb. It’s the little coin pocket in the giant’s jeans, where the giant stores a dime just in case he has to make a telephone call back to 1972. Trevor’s life is a crumb in that pocket, and ever since he claimed it, he’s been savoring that crumb like it’s the entire cake. Is he waiting for the giant’s finger, recently dipped into a can of Duncan-Hines frosting, to claim the dime, so he can finally have a taste?

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  1. It was very good to see this Jodi. You have long been one of my favorites … but it appears that your infrequency in posting helped me to become infrequent in reading. I will correct my error and joyfully anticipate your posts once again.
    It was good to hear from you once again!

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