Back in the day, or the heyday, before Facebook, when I used to write on my “blog” every day, I would delight my audience/readership/fans (!) with photos of my lunches. Back then I was a sort of lady who lunched, or a dame who dined, or a girl who gobbled, or something like that, but it was never anything that I had created. I spent a great deal of time and a fair amount of money, although not nearly as much of either as most REAL “ladies who lunch”, but now that my situation is different, I create the food myself here in my cute little kitchen, and I must say, I am shocked at how happy I am to do it.
The image shown here is vegan hamentaschen with a poppy seed/prune/chocolate filling. It just so happened that the weekend I made it was the Jewish holiday of Purim, which I know next to nothing about, much like everything else associated with Judaism. Still, I felt like I was Yentl or someone from “Fiddler” or my own grandfather, in the kitchen, no doubt with a smear of flour on my cheek like in a TV show, and took such delight in making these with a new rolling pin, one of my new cookie cutters, while wearing a vintage 1950s apron. Oddly, I felt quite at home. And it was sweet.

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