Bobby Landry’s list of names for his new puppy, all rejected by his parents

Richard Roundtree
Mable McMurtry
FingerFinger Buttersnout
Pickles Snortfickle
Bobby Landry, Jr.
Robert Q. Landry, III
Tunnel Vision
Carpet Fresh
Trout Peter Scott
Mrs. Farkle
BunnyBunny Yoyo Topps
Plaster of Paris
XXyzzbbit8xMp Squirrel
McFister McFuster
Fluffy Pita Pan Pie
Moomoo Zipperclutch
Kaka Boombah
Pretzel Sneeze
Flippity Flopper the Bowling Ball Dropper
Sixteen and One-Quarter
Elephant Jack
Clint Westwood
Capri Sun
Cap’n Crunch
Gluten-Free Googler
Dicky DickDick Honk
Puppy Doggerman
Doggy Pupperman
Mr. Daddy and Mommy Are Jerks
Mr. Mommy and Daddy Suck
Never Mind
Wheezer Plop

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