Lady who lunches


Way back when I used to write here more often, when I was a lady who didn’t have to work and who spent a lot of time lunching, I used to take photos of my lunches and post them in my “Jodeats” gallery. That was before Instagram, back before the cool kidz were doing it, back when people used to look at me like I was a wacky eccentric who was stealing the soul of a plate of Thai noodles by photographing it. And now that everyone’s doing it, it’s not as much fun, and I look like any other dope snapping a shot of my food in the hopes of having hundreds of like-minded people (among them the dreaded “foodies”) express their appreciation by clicking on a little heart.

I would add this photo to “Jodeats”, but I don’t know how to do that yet, so …

Anyway, this is a lunch I had at Mexican Radio with my gay boyfriend I call “Hysteric Bore” (because that rhymes with his real name), which was the size of a regular dinner. I usually eschew special lunch offers because I’m nervous that the portions won’t be as big and I’ll be left feeling gypped and feel like hightailing it to another restaurant after I’m done and getting another lunch there, but ordering off of the BIG MENU like a rabid hungry adult raccoon. This was the vegan Carne Asadas Fries, described on the “Platos Gigantes” (!!!) section of the menu (in meat terms) as “Chunks of marinated grilled steak served on a hefty bed of homemade fries and topped with melted cheese, guacamole, crema and pico de gallo. Served with sides of tomato salsa and chipotle mayo.” All my dairy stuff was non-dairy and the steak was replaced with chunks of tender and delicious seitan. Not pictured is the guacamole and chips we shared before the “real” food arrived.

I should probably not order in any food for dinner tonight, as is my Friday night tradition. But who am I to dishonor tradition, right?

How do you say “Oink” in Spanish?