Rising from the ashes!

Insert all manner of references to “phoenix” here, in an attempt to sound well-educated, well-read, and more pretentious than usual. But wow, wow, wow, the Broadway Restaurant, which I had only been to twice ever, once last summer and for Thanksgiving, despite having lived in the neighborhood for a while in the later-early 2000s, is reopening today after suffering a huge fire at the beginning of the year. Now I plan to become the “regular” I had always hoped I’d become after my first visit, alone, on a summer night when almost everyone else, except for me, a homeless-looking older man, a younger guy in a wheelchair, I, two fellas behind the counter, and the waitress, was busy whooping it up in other “hipper” venues.

My brother was in town last week, and we passed by specifically so I could show him the glorious exterior sign. We were fortunate enough to be there when the doors were open, so we peeked inside and talked to the two fellas (I think the same two who had been behind the counter on my first visit), who said they were just waiting for permits to reopen. I was elated to see that much of the interior, including the fantastic U-shaped counter and the wall menu in a font that probably doesn’t exist anymore, had been salvaged or restored to its original 1970 splendor.

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