So little, so much

So much I want to tell you. So much of so little. Stupid stuff, “nothing” stuff, but the kind that fed our days, enriched them, made them feel complete.

A video of a dog, especially a German Shepherd, the ultimate “good boy”. My feeling like a fucking “fatzu” for skipping the gym. A cookie I tried. Meeting a new dog on the street, greeting a familiar one. A general, all-around, all-encompassing “Ugh” about everything or anything. Something cute the cat did (like blinked).

I miss every little thing about you and the uniqueness of us. Every second of every day.

2 thoughts on “So little, so much

  1. You have his memory and, in that act of defiance against time itself, you have stolen pieces of him from the aetherafter. It only hurts because the pieces don’t fit together on their own. The secret is that they already fit inside you. Care for them.

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