I am here.

Well, not by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, really, but here as in here on this “blog” and here in NYC and ready to rumble, which is particularly fitting given that I’m on the Upper West Side, only a few finger-snapping hops, skips, and pirouettes from where some of the scenes were filmed lo so many years ago.

This photo is from a recent run I took around the reservoir, though, the day after a weird-ass tornado warning that I didn’t think yielded an actual tornado but did produce some rather crazy wind that no doubt blew the rest of the leaves off the trees that you see here across the water, the very reason why I wanted to run that particular part of the park. But as you can see, it’s still lovely no matter what.

Here is where I make a trite remark about being grateful for what you have and I punch myself in the larynx.

One thought on “I am here.

  1. I am commenting on my own post so I feel popular. No, actually, I’m not. I’m doing it as a test. That’s all. I know I’m more popular than Jan Brady.

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