Photo, finished

Somewhere along the way in the past several years since switching my “blog” from Moveable Type to WordPress, or maybe it was when switching hosting companies from PowWeb to SiteGround, the folder containing all of the images used within posts was lost. So any post that contained an image, whether an illustration by me or a photograph, is missing that element of the post, and it saddens me because I took great pride in all elements of a post working together to create the little “experience”.

The separate photo albums, however, remain intact, but most captions/explanations are missing, which also pains me because I remember being very pleased with that stuff as well. This blog served as my Internet “home” for such a long time.

I know that in the so-called grand scheme of things, none of this really matters, and this is what people call a “First World problem”, a phrase that I detest for a variety of reasons I don’t want to even address. Hey, I live in the First World, so “sue me” (which is really a First World problem; litigiousness, that is).

So what does any of this have to do with the price of beans or a roll of film for an old Kodak Instamatic with a flashcube that rotates on its own after each picture (swoon!)? Nothing. But this is my blog, and this is my “home”, where I can complain about First, Third, or Tenth World problems with aplomb and cry into my defunct TaB if I want to.

I had relied on the marvelously helpful Joni Mueller for years for any problems I had with this blog, but that wonderfully generous woman left this world two Mays ago, so I can’t enlist her help. I mourn the loss of her life, but know that if she were here, she would tell me if there was any chance of me recovering the old photos. I’m pretty sure they’re as gone as she is, though. Alas.

What’s the point of this post? There is none. And there doesn’t have to be one. Ahhh, the beauty of being “home”.

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