Coffee Shop

When I lived near the Flatiron Building (2000 to 2004), I passed this place all the time and always marveled at the sign but never patronized the business. I took this photo in 2015, years after I moved to another neighborhood, and either that day or shortly thereafter, finally set foot inside.

It was everything I wanted it to be. Magnificently low-key. I was smitten with its complete lack of pretense, frills, or “ambience”. It wasn’t asking for attention, let alone begging; it wasn’t shouting “Look at me, look at me!” It just was. It had the attitude and vibe of the people, places, and things I have always held most dear.

Unfortunately, the coffee shop is no longer in existence, and neither is the sign. I will never forget it, though. I just wish I had passed through its door sooner and more frequently.

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