NOTE: All stuff here is very old. I won’t be adding to this page, but wanted to preserve it “for posterity”, whatever that means.

Photographic evidence that vegetarians can (and do!) eat more than lettuce and hemp. (All dishes are from NYC unless otherwise noted.)

2 thoughts on “Jodeats

  1. I found your marvelous blog years ago. Like years. You changed my life. (Like in cool, small ways, so don’t worry)

    Pigeons have shadows. Remember that video?

    I drink iced coffee now.

    Saag paneer is my go-to Indian food staple. In fact, your enticing words had me try Indian food, now my favorite equaled to Thai.

    Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Tina, I cringe as I say your name is not ringing a bell, but I do remember “Pigeons have shadows.” Hello! I am delighted to have changed your life (if it needed changing) in cool, small ways.

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