Let’s B brief

I’m really mad at myself. Not for the usual stuff, such as eating a cookie on a day when I didn’t go to the gym, or for hanging out all day in my pajamas and not taking advantage of all that New York has to offer, or for lolling on the sofa and watching a rerun of an episode of “Maury” that I hated the first time I saw it. No, I’m mad at myself because I’ve actually been associating, via e-mail and Instant Messages, with a couple of people who abbreviate.
I’m not talking about those people who use “NY” for “New York” or “Mr.” for “Mister”. (As an aside: I can’t stand when people, when speaking, say “Lex” instead of “Lexington” or “Bloomie’s” instead of “Bloomingdale’s”. But that’s fodder for another day.) No, I’m talking about people who, when communicating in writing, use abbreviations such as: “u” for “you”; “4” for, well, “for”; and “cya” for “see ya” (for the record, I’m not a big fan of “ya”, either).
How much energy does it take to type out “you” or “for”? Is it really that taxing? Does it really save that much time to type abbreviations rather than full words? And yeah yeah yeah, I know that the offenders are getting their points across, but that’s like telling me that people who say stuff like “He don’t” and “Jim and me went to the park” are getting theirs across. Yes, they’re making their point. Yes, I know what they mean. But I can’t help it. When someone sends me an Instant Message that asks me, “what R U doing 4 the wknd?” I want to tell them to Fk off.