Hit me!

Wow. I’ve gotten a few “hits” from visitors who’ve found me via Google/Yahoo searches, and have thus entered my site through its archives, which is really like a “back door” portal. I suppose that’s only appropriate, given that two of the “search strings” are as follows:

  • do+you+want+to+fuck+me+big+boy
  • i+want+to+fuck+but+i+am

It’s so … eerie. It’s almost like the second one answered the first. Maybe I should turn this page into a dating/mating service?

Well, hey, I suppose I’m partly responsible. I mean, I guess I should’ve known I was taking a really big risk when I posted my first entry, which included an item entitled “Let’s just get one thing straight, fellas …”.

I can’t wait to see what’s next. My money’s on someone finding this page via a search for “i+want+to+fuck+straight+fellas” or, given the title of this very post, “i+want+you+to+hit+me”.

The possibilities are endless!