I’m In With the In Crowd

All the cool kidz are online right now, eyes burning because they’ve probably been hanging around the internet for the better (or best?) part of the night, shoulders the same, because, no matter how ergofuckingnomic their set-ups may be, when they slump (and you know they do) in front of their monitors for five or six hours at a stretch with with very little, if any, relief, they’re still going to suffer.
So yeah, my eyes burn. And my shoulders. But at least I’m not suffering outside in the frigid air(e), coatless, rubbing elbows quite literally with the rest of the ill-fated hoof-and-mouth’d livestock waiting behind swagged velvet ropes, admittance beyond which determines whether or not they can consider themselves as having truly “arrived”.
Hey, we cool kidz know where we are. And we know who/what/why/when we are as well. That’s what truly separates us from the shivering, quivering messes. It don’t take no velvet rope, baby.