The State I’m In

Yes, as most of you know if you’ve been reading these pages diligently (and I’m sure you have), I live in the beautiful state of New York. But for the past couple of days, I’ve been residing in an alternate state as well — simultaneously, in tandem, side by side, mano a mano. That state, I confess, is one of catatonia. Creative catatonia. I find myself staring mutely, blankly, unflinchingly at this big beautiful monitor (it’s just so pretty!), but unable to communicate through it effectively.
Instead of writing, my time in front of the computer has been spent “researching” various things that I want/desperately need to help me create my bigger ‘n’ better, brand spankin’ new website — the one that’s been heralded near the top of this page for a few weeks. I’ve been searching for and poring over scads of user reviews, expert reviews, poorly-written opinions on, and well-written ratings on Zdnet. cnet. get-the-butterfly-net. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time second-, third-, fourth-, and twentieth-guessing every decision I’ve made. Which means that for every hour I’ve spent obsessing over behind-the-scenes machinations, I’ve devoted that much less time to my endeavors “in front of the camera”, which translates into nothing “fresh-baked” for a couple of days.
I hope to return to my normal (oy!) state by tomorrow. I hope to resume normal (huh?) activity then. I don’t like Catatonia. Its sights leave much to be desired, there is no tourism, and these damned tumbleweeds make my eyes water.
See you soon.