Will history repeat itself?

Will history repeat itself? Or am I just setting myself up for possibly suicidal-level disappointment? Should I just get back into bed and pretend that Molly Ringwald isn’t going to be on “Live With Regis and Kelly” this morning? You see, the last (and first — and only) time I was in the audience (November 13), I actually won the $250 gift certificate that is given away at the end of the “Travel Trivia” segment and was thus shown, in all my hootin’ ‘n’ hollerin’ glory, on air for about 15 seconds. My display was so impressive that Regis remarked, “I haven’t heard a woman scream like that in years,” and came over to me during the commercial break and asked me, “What happened? Did someone pinch you?” — referring, of course, to my jumping up and down like a contestant on “The Price is Right”.
Will I be so lucky today? The odds are against me winning the gift certificate again … but what are the chances of Kelly Ripa noticing that I am wearing the same shirt she wore on a post-show pre-taping on that morning two months ago?
I already had the immense pleasure of having Regis speak directly to me. Now it’s up to Kelly to make my day.
Set your VCRs (9:00-10:00, ABC). And stay tuned.