Raise your hand

All right, kids. It’s been two months since I started this darling little website. By now you should be fairly familiar with it, if not downright intimate. So. Do you notice anything different about it? Anything? Is anything missing?



OK. You. You, in the floral frock with lace insert and self-belt.

“The quick ‘n’ easy recipes for busy working moms?”


Anyone else? Yes? OK. You, brooding by the window, in the jaunty beret, smoking the clove cigarette.

“The haiku?”


Yes. You in front.

“Is it now delightfully sugar-free? Can I eat it with abandon without fear of advancing avoirdupois?”


All right. Someone else. Yes! (“Ooooh! Oooh oooh!“) You, in the mismatched sweater vest and button-down shirt, ersatz afro, flailing your arm above your head to the point of dislocation.

“The hideously obstrusive, inch-and-a-half high advertisements that besmirched the purity of your good page? The insidious, often-blinking, incessant intrusions that distracted me from your witty bon mot and clever turns of phrase? The gargantuan word BLOG*SPOT in those ads that somehow managed to vaguely nauseate me?”

Ding ding ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!