The thrills are alive!

You know how when people are acting all zany and wacky, inevitably someone is bound to say, “Oh, there must be a full moon”? Well, today I did something zany and wacky, and I’m not sure what phase the moon is in, but I’m willing to bet that it is, indeed, blue. I mean, how else can I explain my sudden urge to get out the dust broom and pan, get down on my hands and knees (take it easy, boys!), and relieve many of this apartment’s corners of the cuddly bundles of dust that have been nesting there for what seems like an eternity?
There’s just something so … humbling about cleaning the way I just did. Yep, I may think I’m the cutest thing since Hello Kitty when I’m strutting down Seventh Avenue after a particularly good Pilates session and all sorts of men who are actually normal are smiling at me and I’m humming a little showtune to myself … but compare this to me in another situation, hunched and crouched on the kitchen floor, hair every which way, still wearing the same schmatas I wore to bed last night, picking at an obstinate dried-up anonymous clump of I-don’t-know-what with my fingernail.
I’m so multi-faceted!