About ten minutes ago, I left a voicemail message for the “DOG”, telling him I would be leaving in ten minutes for the Art Expo (where the elegant Jane Seymour will be too). That means that either I should’ve left already, or I will be leaving soon. Obviously it’s the latter.
I’ll fill you in with all the exciting details regarding the Art Expo later (including an explanation of why the hell little ol’ me was even allowed to go). Of course, I don’t know how long or late I will be. I just hope it won’t last all afternoon. (What will I tell Ricki, if I miss her at 5:00?)
Anyway, I don’t know how long or late I will be. I only hope this thing won’t take all afternoon. I expect that within a few hours, I’ll be ready to come home … unless, of course, Jane Seymour wants to have tea at 4:00. And it would just be impolite to refuse.