I’d rather not say

There are things I hate to do, behavior I will not tolerate, people I cannot stand, and foods I will not eat. There are also certain words and phrases that make me cringe audibly when I hear them and which I have taken a very solemn vow never to allow passage from my lips. I hereby offer the following list (in no particular order), which is by no means exhaustive, which of course means that I reserve the right to add to the list at any time. And believe you me (uggh), I will. Or shall. Whatever.

  1. My bad
  2. It’s a sin
  3. He/she is a sweetheart
  4. Anyways
  5. Sue me
  6. Finalize
  7. Dude
  8. Dudess
  9. Folks
  10. School of hard knocks
  11. It’s all good
  12. Waz-zup
  13. Be nice
  14. Pardon my French
  15. [Whatever] From hell
  16. Thank God It’s Friday
  17. Hump day
  18. Party (as a verb)
  19. Club (as a verb)
  20. Diss
  21. Take a leak
  22. Irregardless
  23. Between you and I
  24. Vagina (you can keep your monologues)
  25. Biological clock
  26. Bass-ackwards
  27. Working hard or hardly working?
  28. God’s children
  29. Bat cave
  30. [Anything]-oholic or -aholic (except for alcoholic)
  31. Business casual
  32. Thank goodness
  33. Guilty pleasure
  34. Go [team name]
  35. Friggin’
  36. Freakin’
  37. Beer goggles
  38. Cyber-[anything]
  39. Been there, done that
  40. Any coffee description other than “coffee”, “cappuccino”, or “espresso”
  41. Upside the head
  42. Therapy
  43. Day of beauty
  44. Nathan Lane