I’d also rather not say (44 more)

I know it’s only been about two weeks since my first list, but just after publishing those 44 items, I realized that I’d inadvertently neglected to include several key offenders. So here I offer a continuation of that list, again in no particular order, of words and phrases that, if you want to alienate me, you will use in my presence:

  1. Thingy
  2. [Number] years young
  3. 110%
  4. Twenty-four seven
  5. Going postal
  6. Nipple
  7. Badda boom badda bing
  8. Yadda yadda
  9. Network (as a verb)
  10. Power lunch
  11. Ball-breaker
  12. Busting [one’s] balls
  13. Horny
  14. Horndog
  15. Lucky (as in “Did you get ~”)
  16. Laid (as in “I’m gonna get ~”)
  17. Cum (and I don’t mean as in summa cum laude) (besides, it’s spelled “come” — please consult the dictionary, not Hole magazine)
  18. Party animal
  19. Big guy
  20. 411 (when used to mean “information”)
  21. Fuck buddy
  22. Kleenex (used when the tissues aren’t that brand)
  23. Brother (when used by white guys, especially when they say it to non-white guys)
  24. Cool beans
  25. Shore house
  26. Skeeve
  27. Emotional rollercoaster
  28. Vulva
  29. Clitoris
  30. Mental health day
  31. Spitting image (it’s “spit and image”)
  32. Process (when used to mean that someone is “taking something in” and trying to make sense of it)
  33. Steely Dan
  34. Same shit, different day
  35. Same ol’ same ol’
  36. Going ballistic
  37. Alls
  38. Craft (when used by actors)
  39. Posse
  40. Jello shot
  41. Old fart (“Fart” by itself is cringe-worthy too)
  42. Make love
  43. Boob tube
  44. Oy (but only when used by goy) (also, all other Yiddishisms if the speaker isn’t Jewish or married to a Jew)