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It’s no secret, kidz, that I’m here to entertain you. I know it’s my purpose in life–nay, my mission–and it’s a mission I accept with tearful gratitude and a pride that leaves me almost breathless. But sometimes … well, sometimes I just want to lean back in my chair, tip back on its back two legs, and, just before I topple backwards comically, flailingly regain my balance, and then laugh like the hyena I am when I realize that I was thisclose to rendering myself a quadriplegic what with my hijinks and carelessness and all.
Anyway, I’ve got both hands clasped behind my head now, and I’m leaning back in the chair, typing with my feet (truly a sight to behold, especially since I’m wearing stiletto heels) (down, boys!), and I’ve decided that it’s time for you to return the favor. It’s time for YOU to give something back to ME.
So what I want you to do is this: Take everything out of your purses and/or pockets and/or whatever vessel you use to carry all of your stuff, go through it, and answer this question:

If you had forgotten to bring three of those items today, which ones would you miss the most? Which ones are so important that, upon realizing you’d forgotten to bring them, would have you dashing out the door and running back home to collect, or bolting to the nearest store to replace? (Wallets, keys, and Mexican jumping beans are all “givens”, so don’t include them.)

You have 60 seconds.
GO!!! (and here you’ll just have to imagine that zany music that accompanies scenes on TV of people running around in fast-motion and bumping into each other)