Eye See You

Tony Tasset, “Big Eye” (2001)
60″ diameter
On exhibit at Feigen Contemporary
535 West 20th Street, NY NY 10011
Stuff like this amuses the hell out of me. I don’t know what its artistic “message” is or what it represents other than just a huge eyeball, and I really don’t care. I do know that when I tiptoed down into the lower level of the gallery, I didn’t expect to be confronted by this huge thing. Maybe that was the point.
I felt a little self-conscious taking its picture, because I know you’re not supposed to take pictures of this stuff … so of course I looked all around before doing so to make sure there were no cameras watching me. I did consider that maybe there was a camera inside the eyeball, but ignored that paranoia and just took the picture. I still think, though, that somewhere there’s grainy black and white surveillance videotape of me, and I’m going to be arrested. Should I make a scene?

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