Fair Weather Friend

You know, it’s really rude for you to get here so late. Last night I was under the impression that you would be here in the morning, so we could spend the entire day together. But no. I waited around all day for you, and even put off getting a manicure in anticipation of your arrival.
When 5:00 rolled around and you still hadn’t shown up, I began to worry. I thought maybe something happened to you and you wouldn’t be coming here at all. I couldn’t believe you could or would let me down like that. But then I remembered that this wasn’t the first time you disappointed me this way.
So now it’s almost 7:30 — and at long last you have arrived. I won’t ask you where you were all day. (I do know you stopped by my mom’s earlier today. I spoke to her around 6:15, and she told me you’d been there late in the afternoon. She said you were probably on your way.)
I hope you’ll spend the night. I love falling asleep with you.
Thanks, rain!