Nah Nah

Enough already with the commercials for that fucking “Ya-Ya” movie. I’m sick of seeing Sandra Bullock beating that telephone receiver against the counter, a trait her character apparently shares with the mother she probably wants to be nothing like. Sick of the group of women standing in a circle wearing ridiculous hats, joining hands, raising their arms, and exuberantly chanting a celebratory “Ya-ya!!!”
Give me a break. I can already tell you, without having read the book or without having seen the movie — and rest assured I will never do either — that this “chick flick” is going to wind up having some sort of message of “redemption”, and that the Sandra Bullock character is going to come to terms not only with her own disapproval of her mother but eventually accept that mother, embrace her, flaws and all, and, in turn, embrace her own.
All this, with the always emetic fake Southern accents.
Ptui. Feh. Kaka. Wretch. Vomit.