… Different Day

Yesterday I was quite amused to find, among the heap of crap in my Hotmail account, an email from someone regarding a product of his that I wrote about several months ago, before I switched to Movable Type. Because it is not my “policy” to post email from readers or to republish articles other than my own, I won’t “share” the contents of his email or the article he attached.
If you are at all the queasy type, you may wish to read it before or after you eat, depending on the heartiness of your constitution. It’s not that off-putting, actually. It’s just that I don’t want people to complain later that they couldn’t finish their Snackwells® because they got sick to their stomachs while simultaneously reading and munching. (Unrelated Aside: Just eat a real cookie. Fat-free is bullshit-full.)
So without further ado(do), here’s the entry.