Enjoy, but donut be a pig

Use a napkin!Take the first one you touch!
Go on. Take one.
Take two.
The supply is endless, but that doesn’t mean you can hoard, OK, Homer? Don’t jam a few down your pants or into your pantyhose and scurry back to your desk so you can stash them in the big file drawer where you keep the box of tissues, mail order catalogues, and the “good” stapler.
And no fair picking the chocolate off the top of a donut you don’t intend to eat. Same goes for jimmies. No splitting anything in half. No poking your finger into the jelly. And no rooting around to find the “best” of any variety.
Just take one, or two, and take a napkin so you don’t get crumbs all over the carpet.
Now get back to your desk, and make sure you don’t eat over your keyboard.