Give the People What They Want

A few weeks ago, I asked you, my devoted readers, to ask me questions that I would then answer in a Q&A page to be unveiled in the future. I received quite a few responses, and am still deciding on the format in which I wish to present my answers.
A few of the questions I really liked, mostly because they didn’t take themselves (or my request) that seriously and because I could have a lot of (or at least a little) fun answering them without having to dig deeply into my psyche in order to provide suitably pretentious responses. But that would, of course, require that I find my psyche, which has been missing since, oh, I’d say about 1974. Last I saw of it, it had a long stick flung over its shoulder, attached to which was a red bandana containing a few of its most precious personal belongings, and was sticking its thumb out along I-95. Crying.
I’m still going to answer those questions (maybe), but I’m also going to answer the unasked questions of the many hapless thrill-seekers who’ve stumbled upon this site by way of a myriad of well thought-out search-engine queries. I figure they have as much right to sensible answers as the rest of my “legitimate” readers do. And for those whose searches weren’t necessarily seeking answers but just some variety of fun fun fun, I hope to provide some sort of fun-filled features to satisfy their whims. Because fun is my forte. And also because I’m such a people pleaser that I want to make sure everyone’s happy.
I thought about categorizing these things, but then decided that I have other pressing obligations today, such as taking a shower and making bread pudding (not necessarily in that order). And besides, I’m just not in the mood to categorize and pigeonhole. Plus, I don’t want to hurt any of the listed items’ feelings by not being able to fit them into any category and lumping them together with the rest of the misfits, seated at the Awkward Wedding Reception Table populated by a pair of white-pumps-wearing dorks from the bride’s book club, some woman no one knows (or really wants to), three sweaty guys sporting bad skin and short-sleeve dress shirts with visible T-shirts underneath, and Bill and Mitzi, that cloying couple from the bride and groom’s cruise circa August 2001.
So anyway, sometime in the near future, I hope to provide some sort of relief for the following queries and searches:

  • What brand of glasses is Kelly Ripa wearing
  • Kelly Ripa’s body type
  • garbage truck auctions
  • Pebbles flintstone drinking glass
  • hang in there baby poster
  • Dog AND head AND poster AND reward AND funny
  • Gwynneth Paltrow embarrassing 2002 speech
  • how can you make hard pretzels
  • picture of cockroach fecal matter
  • kidz cum show
  • funny teen diaper pictures
  • where can i get her eyebrows done
  • naked posture photo
  • sexily feet
  • how to hem pants
  • love parade naked jpg
  • tinted window removal
  • whore red toenails
  • Sophia Loren measurement
  • how to make braided leather belt
  • naked bedroom shenanigans
  • mother son “I like that” touch
  • candid office fuck
  • say-so stand by me
  • identical twins psychological effects dressed alike
  • string breast implants
  • model+mirror+sister+dress+girl+pretty+hair
  • cheap makeup
  • something cute to say
  • hair punishment
  • kneesocks + high heels
  • my hips were like a shelves
  • Short skirt parade pictures
  • mime homepage white face girl
  • kneesocks
  • second cup and Starbucks, calories
  • i don’t want to say i am sorry because i know there is nothing wrong
  • because [nothing like being specific]
  • pretty girls doing yoga
  • scat poop link 2002
  • female pedicured feet
  • Japanese bellybutton picture
  • mime crying jpg
  • tall girl gallery fuck
  • Reese’s puffs
  • roommate boy gallery
  • 10.year fuck
  • working shitheads
  • vulva jeans
  • Robert DeNiro Jew mother
  • braless mermaid
  • chocolate bellybutton
  • cleavage voyeurs
  • cum sign this
  • huge braless woman
  • ball busting woman
  • ass poop scat
  • black nails fuck
  • bleeding from the ears + leukemia
  • how old am I supposed to be to have my period
  • how to get rid of pesky cats
  • “leg press” women female girl lady lady
  • sexy mature free fotos
  • my litter sister fuck me at age 16
  • female, lady, girl voyeurs
  • linking words even so
  • because why
  • so because
  • painted his nails while sleeping
  • secretary fucking the deliveryman
  • naked posture photo

The following few are only separated from the rest because I want to show that people may actually be trying to find ME. I’m so proud. Here’s why:

  • Jodiverse eyebrow
  • Jodi feet
  • Jodi girl
  • jodiva
  • Jodi fuck
  • jodiverse
  • fuck jodi
  • Jodi
  • Jodi naked
  • naked Jodi
  • it is because i say so
  • because i say so
  • because i said so
  • because mom said so
  • because i said so and jodi
  • Model Behavior + .wav

By the way, although I did “officially” close the period within which you could submit questions, I am hereby extending the offer indefinitely. I want this to be an ongoing thing. Not just because I hated a lot of the questions asked (and believe me, many of them made me cringe almost audibly), but because I want to give everyone a fair chance, especially some of my new, even more fabulous readers who came onto the scene too late to submit a question before the deadline I imposed earlier.
If you’re shy about directly submitting a question via email, thus semi-sorta revealing your identity (even if you disguise yourself via a whimsical e-mail address such as “”), you can always devise a search-engine query that will lead you to my site. And if you’re extra-crispy clever, you’ll make that query disgusting enough to grab my attention.
But that’s just a suggestion.