The best things in life are free (I guess)

I have almost everything a girl could possibly want.
I live in a groovy apartment in a hip ‘n’ swingin’ neighborhood in one of the happeningest cities on the planet (I hear Jupiter is pretty cool, but it’s too far from my favorite restaurants). I have my health. I have a fella who adores me and thinks I’m cute even when I know I look like something my cat would drag in (if only she were allowed outside). I have a dog who is better-lookin’ than Johnny Depp. I have friends, online and off, who laugh at (no, I mean with) me. I have parents who encourage my freakishness, a nephew I absolutely adore, a sister who’s the coolest chick on this (or any) planet, and a brother whom I would marry if only it wasn’t illegal or just plain ol’ sick.
What I don’t have, however, is this.
I suppose Mick Jagger was right, after all.