Two for Tuesday

I ordinarily shun these regularly scheduled quizlets like the plague that they are (did I say that?), but because I adore Kelly so much, I’m going to play. I’m not saying this will become a habit, so don’t get all, like, excited and all.
1. What sound do you love to hear and why? The sound of my dog and cat crunching on food. I don’t know why. I do know that I turn off all other noise (TV, jackhammer, constant clambake in my living room) just to hear Taxi crunch the occasional pretzel piece that falls to the floor or to hear Shana indulge in an errant puff of popcorn.
2. Is there a smell that you find particularly unpleasant? Why? Ginkgo trees. When they, like, shed (or whatever it is that trees do). Why do I hate the smell? Because, uh, it is about as close to vomit as a smell can get without actually crossing the line.
Hugs to Kelly! (*oompphhh*) (Is there a ginkgo tree in the house?)