Bona Fide Sicko?

I just finished watching “American Psycho”. This means, of course, that now I feel compelled to read about it on I prefer to read reviews after, rather than before, I watch the actual movies, because I like to take an “innocent” approach to everything I watch. I want to determine if it sucks on my own. Or, of course, if it doesn’t suck.
Anyway, I like to read the User Comments on, because I really enjoy the earnest yet poorly written commentary that “regular” people have to offer before I read the “professional” reviews. There is only one User Comment for “American Psycho”. The person who wrote it says he really identifies with Patrick Bateman (the psycho in question).
As I read through the review, I began to “worry” a bit about the reviewer, who calls himself “onebrooksbrothers”. He seems a little too turned on by Patrick Bateman’s actions. I wonder if this misspelling, found in the last paragraph of his review, says it all.
P.S. If you haven’t seen “American Psycho”, I suggest you do &#151 if only to indulge in a few sublime peeks of Christian Bale’s spectacular form.