Dog Day Afternoon

People have been saying these are the “dog days” and the “dog days of summer”. Well, today I spent my day involved in a literal interpretation of those phrases.
For close to three hours, I hung out at a dog daycare, where I was in the company of around 20 dogs. I had gone to watch my own dog swim (yes, that’s right — swim!), but he chickened out (he didn’t want me to see him in his Speedo, I guess), so I just stuck around for a few hours and watched him and all the other dogs play.
It was the perfect antidote for whatever was ailing me. I hung out with many of the handlers, all of whom were wonderful, caring, and warm. But even better, I hung out with 20 amazing “guys” who wanted nothing more from me than attention and smiles. And also to have their pictures taken. I was more than happy to oblige. I may post some of the pictures in a separate album in “It Lasts Longer” (see my sidebar) later.
“The eyes of an animal have the power to speak a great language.” — Martin Berber
I couldn’t have said it better (even if I’d wanted to) (which I didn’t)!