Dress Code + 1

If I say nothing else today, let me at least say this:

  1. Adults should not wear overalls. Unless they are farmers.
  2. No one (especially women) should wear suspenders. Sorry, Mork.
  3. Little boys look asinine in miniature “business”-type suits.
  4. When people say, “I could care less”, they’re usually not making the point they want to make. Example: “I could care less about J. Lo and Ben Affleck” does not indicate the lowest possible level of interest. “I couldn’t care less” does.

Of course, as is the case with all of my lists, this one is by no means complete. (And yes, I must say that every time I make a list … just so no one says, “But you forgot [blah] and [whatnot] and [whozit].”)