Feelin’ Groovy

Don’t worry, kids. Although I originally intended to include the song of the same name, I changed my mind (oh, the ever-famous “women’s prerogative” we all know and love!) after downloading it and listening to it. I never even really liked that song anyway, and not just because I had to sing it in chorus in fourth grade. It just reminds me, and it always has, of a thin white bread sandwich served on Corelware and presented with a glass of milk.
Anyway, I was actually feelin’ pretty groovy this morning after a free one-hour stretch class that was offered to me by one of the girls in the yoga studio downstairs. It was 7:30, and as I crossed the street to my building, she waved me in enthusiastically and told me about the class that was just about to start. I begged off at first, telling her that I had Pilates at noon and that I’d just been to the gym, but hey, what can I say, I was influenced by her puppy-dog eyes. So I took the class.
Although I couldn’t get into the “lion stretch” for the face (looking up at the ceiling, opening your eyes very wide, sticking your tongue out as far as it will go, and saying, “Aahhhh!!!”), found it a bit difficult to concentrate on listening to my breathing when all the other voices in my head were vying for my attention, and definitely could have done without the “partner stretches” (they weren’t nearly as horrifying as I thought they would be, but still I’m not a big fan), I must say that overall it was a much more pleasant experience than I had anticipated.
Toward the end of the class we did a final relaxation. On our backs, legs stretched out, arms by our sides, palms up “to receive”, eyes closed. My mind, of course, raced around like a dog chasing its tail, but eventually it circled three times and settled down. Settled down so much that anyone wanting to hypnotize me would have found me pretty fair game. At one point I peeked through my left eyelid to make sure the girl to my left was still there, because I feared that maybe class had ended hours ago and I had fallen asleep.
One good thing I took from the class was something that the instructor said. “You’re not in competition with each other or yourselves.” At that point, I was feeling so insanely groovy and peaceful that I marvelled at that bit of wisdom and thought about embroidering it on a little silk pillow or writing it on a card and putting it up on my bulletin board.
But now, an hour and a half after the class ended, the grooviness has worn off and I’m full of bile and ill-will yet again! Thank fucking god!
Now if only I could only stop bbbbaaawwwwking like a chicken and flapping my arms like wings.