It’s getting out of control.
The cyber-begging garbage, that is.
There’s Karyn, the self-proclaimed “hottie”. There’s the “just one little dollar” guy, whom I mentioned two days ago. There’s even some lumpy schmuck who has a site asking people to buy him a hooker. That one is a hoax or a spoof, I think. (I never wrote about that one.)
And now there’s another. This one needs a BMW. This time I won’t link directly to the site. If you’re in the mood to spill some bile, check it out here: http://www.geocities.com/need_a_bmw/.
“Dan the Goose”, the first person to comment on “Karyn’s Kin?” was right. As he said, “We need to stop linking to these losers!”
I jokingly told Dan, in a comment, that we needed to stop telling other people what to link. I still believe that, in general. But in particular cases such as these, I must say I agree with Dan.