No resent-mint

Thank you, kind sir, for the assault of wintergreen that emanated from your pores or breath or hair via soap, cologne, toothpaste, mint, or shampoo as you mounted the stationary bike next to mine as if it were a fiery steed. Had you not come along when you did, I surely would have remained on my bike even longer than I already had and pedalled myself into even more of a cardiovascular frenzy, which really wasn’t necessary given that in three hours I would be at Pilates and need to reserve some energy for that.
If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate if you’d come over to my place sometime around noon and straddle a chair next to me here in my office. The weather is supposed to be decent today, and I really want to get out and about, to take a walk to make up for the ten minutes that your presence forced me to surrender by dint of your mint.
Thanks! See you soon.